Our Mission

Our Mission


Doha Drug Store was established as a Pharmaceutical Trading company in 1960. Over the years, we have evolved as one of Qatar’s major distributors for both Pharmaceutical and FMCG. We cover all channels of distribution in Qatar, thereby ensuring our products are readily available to consumers.


We exist to support the needs of the rising consumer market in Qatar, creating and delivering value to our

  • Principals
  • Customers
  • Consumers
  • Employees

Our commitment is to deliver quality Pharmaceutical and FMCG to our customers and consumers while adhering to the highest standards in reliability and safety. We do so by bringing premium products from reputed multinational companies. We are constantly innovating to reduce the lead times in order to enhance our supply chain process. We strive relentlessly for operational excellence and to give longer shelf life of our products to the consumers.

Our service is built on a strong foundation of collaboration. Teamwork between our own staff, departments, principals and customers based on professional relationships and mutual respect.
We hold ourselves accountable for the quality of our products that the consumer buys from the market and the service we provide to our customers. As a partner with leading multinational companies, we comply with worldwide quality standards.
By combining our infrastructure, technical and human resources, and setting up proper processes, we have maximised the efficiency of our organisation.
We have delivered a CAGR of 18% over the last 10 years.
By providing an excellent service level before, during and after each process, we have gained the trust of our principals, customers and consumers.